Fall has arrived. It’s my favorite time of year, especially if we get some of that lovely “indian summer” weather; clear warm days, cool crisp nights. So far this fall of 2011 has been rather wet, but the sunny days have been there. The rain has greened up the grass everywhere and has taken the forest fire hazard level right down to normal, which is a relief when you live surrounded by forests as we do at our Cobble Hill Bed & Breakfast.


fall 2013People are harvesting the last of their produce from the many farms and private gardens around the Cowichan Valley. Lots of signs around the Valley selling everything from apples to herbs. There are still some flowers in the garden, and a few trees are starting to put on a colorful display among the west coast evergreens. The Cowichan Valley wineries are leaving the grapes on as long as they can to get every bit of sunshine possible to ripen the grapes, as the summer heat didn’t quite last long enough this year. Canadian Thanksgiving is just a week away, when we celebrate the rewards of long summer days of work and growth and the harvest that has resulted from our efforts. Time to clean up the flower pots and hanging baskets for another year, put away the patio furniture, and bring up a load of firewood to the house, so we can light the Russian fireplace at Cobble House.

October is time for mushroom picking! Sign up for a guided tour, cooking lesson and lunch at Amuse Bistro, and stay at our nearby Cobble Hill Bed & Breakfast. After your 3-course lunch at Amuse you probably won’t need a full dinner, so stop by Hilary’s cheese and one of the wonderful bakeries in the Valley, and pick up a bottle of local wine for a light dinner. Our Bed & Breakfast rooms come equipped with some basic dishes and cutlery, and a small fridge to chill that bottle of white wine.


We are open throughout the year, so come and enjoy fall in the Cowichan Valley. Happy Thanksgiving!

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