With Cobble House Bed & Breakfast now in it’s 21st year of operation, and the innkeeper getting a little older, I’ve been contemplating the future of our Bed & Breakfast. With 2015 almost a month gone already, what are the goals for this year, and how much longer will we open our doors to all the fabulous guests we’ve met over the years?

I never imagined that we would still be here after so many years, continuing to learn new ways, especially in the online world of marketing, websites and social media. We’ve improved and adding guest comforts and amenities to our rooms, we’ve expanded and adapted our menus to current tastes, we’ve revised our website a few times and taken new photos and added some social media presence. There is never an end to the learning in the B&B business!

former "B&B dog" Simone

former “B&B dog” Simone

What I think hasn’t changed is our hospitality, our desire to welcome guests from around the world and make their stay with us the very best that it can be. We love sharing the Cowichan Valley and all the interesting things and attractions that are happening here.

With Simon now retired, although taking on odd jobs and traveling, it made me think of my future in the business. There are not many innkeepers who’ve been running a B&B, and have been heavily involved in the industry as well, this long. I’m thinking 25 years sounds like a nice round number, so, health and all permitting, that will be the goal. So there’s still time for you to come and experience a stay at Cobble House for a few years!

and Simone's brother "Bolton"

and Simone’s brother “Bolton”

To make these last years extra special, we will be donating 1% of our earnings each year to our designated Charity of the Year. For 2015, that charity will be the BCSPCA, which is celebrating 120 years this year. Our two beloved dogs Bolton & Simone, our “B&B dogs” who were very much a part of a stay at Cobble House, have been gone for sometime now, and with our busy lives it has not been the right time to bring home another special critter, or two, but if it was, we would support pet adoption from the SPCA. We hope you do too, and welcome your support with a visit to Cobble House in 2015!

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